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Orbital Food Machinery are a supplier and purchaser of quality mincers from the leading manufacturers such as Laska, Hobart, CFS Wolfking, Butcher Boy, Weiler and Seydelmann.

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Kolbe MW52-120 Mixer-Grinder
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Orbmix MG-450/160 Mixer-Grinder with Tote Bin Hoist
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Orbmix MG-900/160 Mixer-Grinder with Tote Bin Hoist
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Orbmix MG450/160 Mixer Grinder with CO2, "Easy Clean" & Weigh Cells
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Palmia Grinder
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T Orbmix MG 450/160 Mixer Grinder with "Easy Clean" System and Tote Bin Hoist
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Urschel Comitrol Model 2100
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Weiler 868 Mincer/Grinder
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Wolfking C200 UNI Grinder
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